23 June 2012

Cultural exchange initatives

The Lee Valley String Band, Ireland's senior old-time/bluegrass ensemble

The BIB receives news too seldom from Cork, which has long been a powerhouse of our music in Ireland; so we're glad to be able to publish this bulletin, even though the author chooses to remain anonymous:

On Mon. 11 June, by prior short notice, Pat Sheeran requested of me if I would join him on a short mission to Cork to see how Christy [Twomey] and the Lee Valley Boys were dealing with the recession plague, Christy's health, etc. Lodgings having been arranged in advance, Pat and I struck out for the verdant Lee Valley at approximately 2.00 p.m. on that day (wind S.W. 10 knots, and Pat's Mercedes heaving heavily on starboard); we hit the People's Republic at approx. 19:00 hours and dropped anchor at a tavern forninst the Corner Bar.

Mick Daly and Christy were soon to lead the appointed hospitality party with a flourish of invisible trumpets. Greetings and cordiality having been graciously and speedily exchanged, there ensued great conviviality and mirth followed by tunes and joviality, and many songs and tunes were put forth by the entire assemblage with grace and decorum. The night concluded with all parties pouring themselves into their respective lodgings; and morning broke too soon for some crew, with bellicose calls from Capt. Sheeran to assemble on deck - and homeward bound went we weary travellers, filled with the joys of comradeship.


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