04 April 2012

More Earl Scruggs tributes and video footage

Jason Verlinde, publisher of the delectable Fretboard Journal print magazine, has marked the passing of Earl Scruggs with a tribute entitled 'RIP: Banjo God Earl Scruggs' on the magazine's website. The feature also includes videos of Earl Scruggs in action, including footage from David Hoffman's 1972 documentary film The complete Earl Scruggs story, which was released on DVD in 2008 and is available through Amazon.

NB: For those who may balk at the phrase 'Banjo God Earl Scruggs' - make allowances for the US convention of capitalising all the words in a title. Ursula Le Guin's novel The word for world is forest is set among a people for whom the term 'a god' can be applied to a human being who becomes a channel through which the world is somehow changed. It is no more than appropriate to apply the term, in that sense, to Earl Scruggs.

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