10 March 2012

Wookalily host Hillsborough session, St Patrick's day

Thanks to Adele Ingram of Wookalily, who writes:

Hey peeps!

We hope you can join us at the Hillside in Hillsborough, Co. Down, on 17 March from 3.00 to 6.00 p.m. We'll be hosting a session with our special guest singer, Nina Armstrong, and our new singer Meghan might even make an appearance. If you can play, then bring an instrument; if you can sing, then bring yourself. If you can't do either, then just bring your ears and plenty of money for beer.

What colour will the grass be in your world on St Patrick's day? Yeehaw!!!

Adele, Meghan, Rohan, Ruth, Sharon and Siobhan

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