05 March 2012

Mike Scott in Israel and Europe, summer 2012

Rural Rhythm Records (USA) announce that multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, etc. Mike Scott will be touring abroad in the early and mid summer of 2012: first in Israel (2-8 May) and two months later in Europe (9-23 July), when he will be a featured performer with Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa. His itinerary for the European tour, mostly in Norway but also including two days in the Netherlands and the Guildtown Bluegrass Festival in Scotland, is on the European Bluegrass Blog.

Thanks to Roger Ryan of the Country Music Association of Ireland for this memory:

I met Mike in Nashville last November. He was just one of the many guests that Ferrell Stowe lined up for us at his home in Ashland City to play for us. We had a group of 25 and Ferrell and his wife Elaine not only laid on entertainment but they fed us as well. It was the highlight of the tour for all of us.

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