03 March 2012

European Bluegrass Festival Directory 2012/13

The European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) has just published the European Bluegrass Festival Directory 2012/13 - the first comprehensive listing of festivals in Europe featuring bluegrass music - as an ancillary service of the EBMA Festival Network (EFN). The thirteen founding members of the EFN include the Appalachian & Bluegrass Music Festival at Omagh and the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival at Tullamore.

All EBMA members and subscribers to the EBMA magazine Bluegrass Europe will receive a copy of the directory, which will also be available at no cost at festivals that belong to the EFN. The EBMA sends this advice to all bluegrass festival-goers:

Don't be shy or lazy! Travel, take your family, enjoy the countries, the people and the music, pick up some language skills, support or sponsor these festivals... and encourage the promoters not to give up!

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