12 February 2012

MusicLee seeks venue in Dublin

Paul Lee of the MusicLee agency, which has recently put on such old-time or bluegrass acts as David Holt (USA) and the Toy Hearts (UK), writes:

Musiclee has been presenting folk/traditional concerts and theatre in various locations around Dublin for over thirty years.

We are currently looking for a venue where we could set up an art space that would be suitable for such presentations and could also be used for rehearsals and exhibitions.

We would be very interested in discussing possibilities with any landlord who may have such a space. One large open space with toilet/kitchenette facilities would be ideal, but if a suitable space were available we could finance installation of same.

The space would be used largely by members. Noise is not an issue as the music we specialise in is folk and traditional, and by and large our audiences are mature music lovers who seek alternative venues to the normal pubs and clubs around Dublin. Ideally the space could seat 100 plus.

If you require any further details or have any ideas or suggestions, please contact Paul Lee by e-mail.

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