23 February 2012

Bluegrass in Ireland: an illustration

Thanks to Colin Henry, who writes:

I was just scrolling through the blog and realised just what a wealth of bluegrass and bluegrass-related talent we have on this small island. From Cookstown to Dublin, Mid Ulster to Galway, Westport, Tullamore, Tramore, Naul, Omagh, Athy, Ardara, and more. It is great to see that it is thriving, and no small thanks to the likes of yourself and Niall Toner and other long-time promoters.

On that note I played a few tunes at the Red Room on Saturday past with the Drogheda-based Watery Hill Boys [photo above]. Sharon has already posted on this, but they are yet another great example of the talent I am talking about. I had not come across them before, and they seemed to me to have caught the essence of the music and yet were fresh. Anyone who plays 'Roll in my sweet baby's arms' in the key of E either doesn't know bluegrass or is very good! They were the latter.

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