24 December 2011

Good news for the coming spring

The Special C.: David Thomas, Greg Cahill, Rick Faris, Dustin Benson

A new album by the Special Consensus (USA) in the band's present configuration (see above) may be released as early as March 2012. It has been recorded in the Compass Records studio in Nashville. Special C. leader Greg Cahill is delighted with the producing (by Alison Brown herself), the material (songs by Jon Weisberger & Tim Stafford, Brink Brinkman & Tony Rackley, Becky Buller, Dixie & Tom T. Hall, Ryan Roberts, etc.; two original instrumentals; an a cappella gospel song by the Golden Gate Quartet; and more), and the band's own performances. Look for further details in the near future on Bluegrass Today and in due course on the Special C. website.

Update 29 Dec.: More detail is now (as of 28 Dec.) on Bluegrass Today.

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