24 December 2011

Cani Bruton: a tribute

Vinny Baker of Bending the Strings and the VeeBee Recording Studio, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, sends sad news and a tribute:

This week I lost a very close and dear friend, Cani Bruton, an excellent upright bassist, who died from a heart attack in his home on 20 December... he was just 48 years old.

Cani, a native of Mullingar and a bass player since his early teens, played with a vast number of people in the music business, mostly in the rock and blues scene; but in the past three years he developed a huge interest in bluegrass, newgrass, gypsy jazz, swing, and in particular the music of David Grisman, known as 'Dawg music'... a mix of bluegrass instrumental and jazz. He jammed with myself and mandolin player Joe Meehan every week at my studio over the past few years and was an extremely capable bassist.

His death, which happened so suddenly, has left the entire musician community in Mullingar completely numb, and indeed heartbroken, as he was well loved by all his friends in the Mullingar music scene.

He was always the first bass player I would call when I needed someone to do a bass session in the studio; and being such a fine and experienced player, Cani is on sessions from VeeBee studio, ranging from rock to folk to jazz and bluegrass.

His death has left a huge void in the lives of so many of us musicians, and all of us are finding it so difficult to come to terms with this huge loss of such a dear friend and musician.

May you Rest in Peace, Cani, we all miss you so much.



At 7:28 pm, Blogger Lucifre said...

So long old friend, see you in the hereafter.
Enda (EJ)

At 9:32 pm, Blogger mjc said...

we shared some great rifts in Athlone ,till we duo again mjc


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