05 September 2011

3rd Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival, 23-25 Sept. 2011

Dangem Quality Instruments of Craigavon, Co. Armagh, send a reminder that the 3rd Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival will be held on 23-25 Sept. 2011 in Moniaive, Scotland. Dangem announce:

Tickets are now available at Barnstorm Records, Dumfries, and the Green Tea House, Moniaive. They can also be purchased via the Paypal facility on website, as quite a few people have already discovered. At this point camping is your best bet. This is fast becoming one of the bluegrass festivals not to miss. So load up the tent, caravan, camper van, and the instruments, and head for Moniaive.

Dangem will have a stand again this year...

and at this point we suggest you read the stand's opening hours off the Dangem e-newsletter or website, where you will also find full details of the festival lineup.

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