11 August 2011

17th Guinness International Bluegrass Festival lineup gets better and better!

Thanks to Karen Cheevers of B2B Communications for this news:

The Guinness International Bluegrass Festival is delighted to announce two more acts to the lineup of what is regarded as Ireland’s largest free bluegrass festival.

Taking place in the picturesque fishing village of Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, from 25 August to 28 August, the Dunmore East festival is bringing together an enviable lineup of bluegrass artists.

Two more acts that have just confirmed their appearance at the festival are Well Enough Alone and Hanway & Murray.

Well Enough Alone is a Dublin-based four-piece bluegrass band. Known for the energy and rawness they bring to traditional and contemporary bluegrass, Well Enough Alone delivers a mix of original songs to classics to hot instrumentals. The band consists of Hugh Taggart on guitar and lead vocals with Martin McWhorter on mandolin and tenor vocals. Ben Goodbody plays bass and baritone vocals, while Conor Daly lends his talents on the five-string banjo.

Another much anticipated addition to the line-up is Hanway & Murray. When New York banjoist Tom Hanway was jamming in a hotel lobby with guitarist Kieran Murray from Belfast, their talent was immediately recognised by an RTE radio producer. That was a significant moment as 'Hanway & Murray' was officially formed and since then the duo has featured often on national radio.

Murray is regarded as a 'genius tunesmith' who can churn out one amazing song after another, while Hanway is one of the most ferocious and versatile banjo players on the planet. They share lead and harmony duties and cover a vast musical terrain, mixing popular and original songs with soaring instrumentals.

Tom Hanway is no stranger to the Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival, having jammed in previous years with Galway band Molly Hicks and the Jack Grace Band, aka The Martini Cowboy. In 2005 Hanway won the #1 European Bluegrass Band of the Year award as a member of the Bluegrass Ravens.

Festival organiser Mick Daly is delighted with the addition of the two acts to the Dunmore East Festival lineup.

Year on year the Dunmore East Bluegrass has brought a wide and varied bluegrass and blues vibe to the South East. This year, the lineup is as talented as ever and the addition of Well Enough Alone and Hanway & Murray really is the icing on the cake.

We are very conscious that bluegrass has quite a select following; however, at the Dunmore East festival we endeavour to bring together an eclectic mix of bluegrass, rhythm, folk, blues and roots. The mix of traditional bluegrass with slightly more mainstream country and blues makes the festival appealing to anyone who has an interest in music. And because all the gigs are free, it’s even more appealing!

The 17th Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival kicks off at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 25 August at the Haven Hotel and will feature over a dozen bands, playing 50 free gigs in the village's pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

For more information about the 17th Guinness International Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival in Co. Waterford, visit the Festival website.

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