25 July 2011

'If you want to get ahead get a hat'

Colin Henry sends the penultimate instalment of this summer's tour by FH&H:

I have said it before on this Blog, but it is worth saying again that if every promoter was as good and as likeable as Uri Kohen there would be a lot more great live music out there. He had given us a gig in Geraghty's in Westport, Co. Mayo, and it did not disappoint. Uri did the sound (I took a night off!) and he seemed to get us a great ambiance and so we all felt comfortable.

I firmly believe that a good sound to the performer will make for a good performance; conversely, if the sound is not right the player never really settles easily into the music. With the sound Uri gave us we eased in very quickly and we played to an appreciative audience which included the O'Rourke family from Ballyshannon. They are long-standing fans of Gary's music and always make it to at least one gig on the tour. This time they made it to two! A further advantage of a good overall sound is that the audience can get the full flavour of the music and are more inclined to purchase the CDs! Anyhow - many thanks to Uri for a great gig and for looking after us so well.

And so what about the hat? Hats have figured already in the Blog tour diary. I have taken to wearing a hat on stage on occasions, Janet bought one as seen in the previous entry. Uri of course always has some hat on his flowing locks. Gary has avoided such affectation but I managed to capture him relaxing outside Geraghty's (see picture). I think it gives him that street cred edge. Comments accepted!

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