30 July 2011

Guardian obituary of Kenny Baker

Thanks to Bill Whelan for the news that yesterday's Guardian (UK) newspaper carried a good obituary of Kenny Baker, who died earlier this month. Many (including Bill Monroe) consider him to have been the supreme bluegrass fiddler.

The obituary is illustrated with a backstage photo taken during the 1975 tour of these islands by Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys - a tour that included Belfast, where several backstage photos were taken by our own Niall Toner.

Thanks to Niall for these photos, which he took in 1975 during a backstage warm-up at Belfast: (above) Kenny Baker, and (below) Bill Monroe.

Update 3 Aug.: There's a fine tribute to Kenny Baker by Laurie Lewis in the August issue of Laurie's e-newsletter.

Further update 4 Aug.: There was a gathering of Kenny Baker's fans and friends in Nashville, TN, last night to celebrate his life and accomplishments. For more details, see the Prescription Bluegrass Blog.

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