18 July 2011

FH&H on the road: the Red Room

Thanks to Colin Henry for the first instalment of his journal of this year's tour by Ferguson, Holmes, & Henry (USA/NI):

If every gig was as easy and as much fun as the Red Room in Cookstown then you wouldn't really want to do anything else but play music. So it was that our Irish tour began last night [Fri. 15 July] with a house concert at Sharon and Arnie's. It was a full house and a great night and probably the best start to the tour that we could have had. Janet and Gary are even allowing me to sing a song as a regular feature, as you can see in the picture [above]. I think it was the hat that swung it for me!

As we stated before on the Blog, we were the first band to play a house concert in the Red Room and they have gone from strength to strength. Our hosts' hospitality is unequalled and it is important to remember that this is a house concert and is a non-profit-making venture, with people who love the music deciding to share it with friends in their own home. We were launching our new CD at the Red Room and Sharon gave us a surprise with a cake specially for the occasion, which you can see in the picture [below].

All in all a great night and a superb start to the tour. On to the Abbey Theatre tonight in Ballyshannon. See you all later.

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