02 September 2019

For banjo-players

The latest e-newsletter from Nechville Musical Products offers '5 easy and affordable ways to change your banjo's sound' - a different weight bridge; different picks; a change of playing position; 'adjust your head' (this means the head of the banjo, but sometimes changes to the player's head are more important); and swapping components. The number of adjustable parts on a banjo make tinkering with it more addictive than on any other instrument - even on the radically innovative Nechville design.
The Gold Tone Music Group is now on Facebook, giving a good way of keeping informed about new products, company news, and sales, together with videos of good playing of GT instruments.
There are still fifteen hours to go of the Deering Banjos Labor Day Weekend Sale of instruments and accessories. Deering also offer their Custom Goodtime Builder service on six models in their Goodtime range:
Note: customised instruments are only available through the Deering website. The BIB has not yet received any reply to our inquiry about the cost of delivering a banjo made to one's requirements; so if you're interested in the idea, we advise you to ask Deering yourself.

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