04 July 2019

Deering's Winston Marshall Signature Model banjo

Deering Banjos announce the issue of 'the ultimate touring banjo': the Winston Marshall Signature Model (above), designed in collaboration with Winston Marshall, banjo-player with Mumford & Sons, who has previously played Deering Eagle IIs. The ways in which the new banjo differs from the Eagle II include a dark honey finish instead of dark red mahogany; the ebony fingerboard is bound, with distinctive inlay patterns; a wooden arm-rest and tone-ring; two pickups, making a wide range of tones available; and a website price of $4,599.00 as against the Eagle II's $2,899.00. Full specs are on the Deering website.

The combination of a renaissance head with a grenadillo wood tone-ring is designed to give a warm, punchy acoustic tone and also make for a lighter instrument (though the website at present shows a weight of approximately 10 lb for both models).

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