02 February 2019

Del McCoury is 80

The BIB editor writes:

Yesterday (1 Feb.) was the eightieth birthday of Del McCoury, and the occasion has been celebrated on Bluegrass Today by Richard Thompson in an article that includes many tributes to Del by friends and colleagues, and serves also as a comprehensive history of his career in bluegrass.

In 2011 Del was inducted into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. Inductees up to 2014 are chronicled in The Bluegrass Hall of Fame: inductee biographies 1991-2014, by Fred Bartenstein, Gary Reid, and others. Nine members of the pantheon, who either were born or died one or more decades before 2019, are listed below. The Hall of Fame website has recently been completely refurbished and updated,§ so the biographies of those marked with an asterisk can be read there. Even if you have the book, it is worth looking up the website for the different choice of photos there.

§ Unfortunately, in the process a number of errors have crept in, and are waiting to be edited out.

*Sara Dougherty Carter (the Carter Family), 8 Jan. 1979
*Lester Raymond Flatt, 11 May 1979±

± By an error, 'November 5' appears on the website.

*Delano Floyd 'Del' McCoury, 1 Feb. 1939
*Janis Lewis Phillips (the Lewis Family), 13 Feb. 1939
*Neil Vandraegen Rosenberg, 21 Mar. 1939
*David Freeman, 22 May 1939
*Jesse Lester McReynolds, 9 July 1929
William Bradford 'Bill' Keith, 20 Dec. 1939
*John Ray 'Curly' Sechler (Seckler), 25 Dec. 1919

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