02 January 2019

Ken Burns's Country music coming to our screens

The Wikipedia article on documentary film maker Ken Burns says:

According to a 2017 piece in the New Yorker, Burns and his company, Florentine Films, have selected topics for documentaries slated for release by 2030. These topics include country music...

and the good news for 2019 is that Burns's Country music is scheduled to be shown on PBS in a series of eight two-hour episodes, starting this coming September. Episode 1 will feature the Bristol sessions - Ralph Peer's recording campaign in Bristol, TN/VA, in the summer of 1927, now known as 'the Big Bang of country music'. Advance promotion for the series begins in March at Bristol itself, as the Birthplace of Country Music museum proudly announces. A feature from the Nashville Tennessean can be read here.

The image above shows the 5-CD boxed set of recordings from the 1927 sessions reissued by the German Bear Family Records label, with accompanying book.

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