03 October 2018

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado headline Bluegrass Jamboree 2018 (updates)

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado will be at the top of the bill in this year's edition of Rainer Zellner's 'touring bluegrass festival', the Bluegrass Jamboree. Also on the bill: the Brother Brothers (Adam Moss, fiddle; David Moss, guitar, cello) and Bill & the Belles (Kris Truelsen, guitar; Kalia Yeagle, fiddle; Grace Van ’t Hof, banjo), the house band at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, TN.

Rainer (who is currently presenting a German tour by Donegal's The Henry Girls) will be taking the three Jamboree acts on tour through central Europe from 22 November to 15 December; the Jamboree page on the website of his Music Contact agency lists at present twenty-two venues in Germany and one in Austria. If you're thinking of visiting a Christmas market over there, why not pick a town that's hosting the Jamboree?

Update 11 Oct.: The news, with more detail, is now on Bluegrass Today.

Update 16 Oct.: Aer Lingus's offers for flights to Christmas markets can be seen here.

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