03 June 2018

Blogger's problem with e-mails

The BIB editor writes:

If you've been used to receiving by e-mail copies of newly published items on the BIB, you may have noticed that none have reached you over the last eight or ten days. Similarly, if you have sent in comments on posts during that time, you may notice that they have only today been published.

This has happened because for some unknown reason Blogger (the publisher of the BIB and innumerable other blogs) has had a problem with sending out e-mail notifications - so you have not been notified that posts have been published on the BIB, and I have not been notified that comments have been sent in. Many blog writers seem to be affected by this, and it is hoped that Blogger will be able to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, please keep checking the BIB to see if any new posts have been published; and I'll keep checking my 'Awaiting moderation' box to see if any comments have been received.


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