02 October 2017

US artists touring in summer 2018: news from Brookfield Knights: UPDATE

Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency sends this announcement of USA artists on the Knights' roster who will be available for bookings in July and August 2018; some of them already have festival slots in Ireland as anchors for prospective tours. In order to fill out tour schedules, Loudon would appreciate hearing from venue owners and event organisers who would be interested in booking the following artists:

Hillfolk Noir, Idaho (1-22 July)

The Hot Seats, Virginia (15 July-12 August)

The Grammy-nominated California Feetwarmers (8-28 July)

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards, Boston (24 July-12 August)

Rebecca Pronsky (and Rich Bennett), New York (10 July-12 August)

3hattrio, Utah (8-21 August)

[Update 3 Oct.: The Danberrys, Nashville, will be available for bookings during the whole of June 2018]

Most of these artists are already known to fans in Ireland; more information about them is here and on the Brookfield Knights website. Contact Loudon by e-mail.

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