02 October 2017

Old Time Herald and Alice Gerrard

In October 1987 the Old-Time Herald and its parent organisation, the Old-Time Music Group, were founded. In thirty years the magazine has published 126 issues and has come to bind the old-time music community together in the way that Bluegrass Unlimited does for the bluegrass world. The OTH and OTMG want to continue bringing out articles, news, and reviews every issue, and also have important projects on hand for the future:
  • an electronic edition of the OTH;
  • a digital archive of the OTH from which back issues can be researched and supplied - partnership with an online media consortium will make it possible to plan this;
  • the 'Stories of Old-Time Music’s Revival Generation' oral history project (recording and publishing the experiences of musicians who became part of the scene in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s) is up and running and needs to be kept going at full steam;
  • a new series of profiles of the talented and dedicated millennial-generation musicians - 'not since the revival generation [...] has there been such a huge infusion of enthusiasm for old-time music'.
If you love old-time music and value the work that's being done by the OTH and OTMG, you can help make all this happen by donating through www.oldtimeherald.org or posting your contribution to PO Box 61679, Durham, NC 27715-1679.
Alice Gerrard created, laid out, and hand-mailed the first issue of OTH, edited it for many years (with the advice and help of the late Pete Kuykendall of Bluegrass Unlimited), and continues in her eighties to make invaluable contributions to American traditional music. You can now see at this link (and on Vimeo) an enjoyable three-minute 'teaser' of You gave me a song: the life and music of Alice Gerrard, a documentary film being made by Kenny Dalsheimer for Groove Productions. The project can be supported via the Old Time Crowdfunder, with the aim of raising $18,000 in the next 72 days.

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