04 July 2017

The Needables: Deep down at the bottom of it all

The Needables [says the 'Story' page on their website] are Beat and Floyd Needable, both former fishermen, both former members of a cartoon-themed barbershop quintet, and both men living lives of blissful ignorance, who, on two non-simultaneous occasions, woke up to the realisation that the strings of their hearts made a kinda country twang.

Thanks to Floyd Needable for news of this Dublin-based Americana band who launched their new six-track EP, Deep down at the bottom of it all (cover art above left), six weeks ago. Basically a duo with vocal harmony in 'brother' style, backed by their own acoustic guitars, harmonica, and mandolin, they also list as band members 'other strays we pick up along the way' - other instruments on their recordings include banjo and percussion. They write strong original material reminiscent of the generation of singer/songwriters from which Bob Dylan emerged, and all of it would fit easily into a bluegrass treatment.

Deep down at the bottom of it all is now available to download on iTunes and Bandcamp, and available to stream through Spotify. The EP's lead track, 'Baby I'm on my way', can be heard on YouTube. The Needables are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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