02 October 2014

An old-time treat coming next spring

Thanks to the FOAOTMAD news blog, which announces this week that Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt will be 'touring Scotland and England in April 2015'.* The BIB finds that their online tour schedule says the tour includes Ireland as well, though no details are yet given. We can't do better than quote the rest of the FOAOTMAD release - and note the first line in particular:

If anyone can offer a gig please contact Peta Webb [e-mail].*

Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt are two young women from rural Virginia, steeped in traditional Appalachian culture. Elizabeth is a superb singer with a rich powerful mountain voice, she excels at ballads as well as lighter songs. Hear 'Pretty Saro'.

Since 2010 she has been working creatively with singer/ instrumentalist Anna. They engage themselves and their audience with traditional art in all the forms it can take: songs, storytelling, fiddle, banjo, guitar, ballads, puppets, poetry, and moving scrolls called 'crankies'.

The photo above shows them behind one of the 'crankies'. Plenty of their work can be found on YouTube, and we advise checking their website and Facebook as well.

*Update 4 Oct.: MAY is the month for Ireland, according to Anna Roberts-Gevalt herself in a comment on 'Bluegrass in Ireland', which also gives an e-mail link for direct contact with them.

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