01 November 2012

ArtistWorks Vocal School opens

The BIB has carried news before about the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass, with its direct online teaching method and its roster of A-list teachers in all the bluegrass instruments. ArtistWorks has now opened an online vocal school, taught by Jeannie Deva. Their press release says:

 ... so many people think you are either born a singer or you’re not. WRONG. Everyone has the equipment to sing loud, strong, and with enviable range and pitch.

Get more information about online vocal lessons and sign up here.

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At 6:32 am, Blogger Ben K said...

Hi Richard, I would like to review the online vocal lessons course on my site(https://www.music-ic.com/learn-how-to-sing-online/) Who can I contact?


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