04 July 2012

New Rope String Band available for dates in Ireland, Mar. 2013

As the BIB mentioned on 26 April 2012, the Brookfield Knights agency in Britain is offering the opportunity to book the New Rope String Band for dates in the period 8-17 Mar. 2013. The agency now reports that the NRSB have just returned from their second trip to USA, where they took part in the legendary Mountain Stage series of radio/televised events; and in August they will have their own seven-night run during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is expected to win them more media coverage. Promoters should contact Brookfield Knights through their website. Maverick magazine is quoted as saying about the band:

The show is stuffed full of sheer whoopee, inventiveness and endless crowd- pleasing moments. They are nutty as fruit cake, Buster Keaton-esque even, and while the routines - cleverly constructed free-standing segments - are hilarious, the musicianship and use of various stage props is massively entertaining...

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